Belmore Dental Centre

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Level 1, 400 Burwood Rd, BELMORE NSW 2192

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Belmore dental centre strives to achieve the best possible oral care for you and your family. Our philosophy revolves around the principle of prevention. We are strong believers that if the foundation of prevention is properly founded, the outcome for each and every patient is the best they can possibly achieve. In other words, we believe that it is our mission to teach our patients how to properly take care of their teeth, in order for them to have a better dental experience on the short term, and a healthier mouth long term.


We do understand that there are people that present with dental conditions that require a dentists attention and skill. Our approach to these problems is to diagnose the problem and present our patients with feasible solutions. After a discussion and continual guidance from our dentist's, the patient should be capable of making his own decision on which option might be the one that is the most suitable.

We are a family oriented practice with the sole interest to make your oral health our main priority.

Our dentist also provide the benefit of communicating in arabic and spanish.


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